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安装了 Ubuntu 14.04 之后, ibus-pinyin/ibus-sunpinyin/ibus-googlepinyin会出现各种诡异的bug. 以下是我曾经遇到的:

搜索到最后从 ArchWiki 上知道的原因:

ibus-pinyin - Intelligent Chinese Phonetic IME for Hanyu pinyin and Zhuyin (Bopomofo) users. Designed by IBus main author and has many advance features such as English spell checking. Package currently not maintained and partly broken with latest ibus base. Use ibus-libpinyin instead.

解决方法就是卸载掉 ibus-pinyin, 安装 ibus-libpinyin, 并在 ibus 语言选择中重新选择”智能拼音”.

Ubuntu 14.04 已经出来一年多了, 这个包依赖关系还没有解决. 这或许能够体现出来FOSS在桌面上的窘境.